2018 Golden Class Reunion.

The Reunion was July 28 from 2:00 to 6:00PM at the Hayden Eagles facility.  

Coeur d' Alene High School Vikings Class of 1963

Alma Mater

Founded as a place of learning,
Reared against the sky,
Proudly stands our Alma mater,
As the years go by.

Onward, onward be our watchword,
Never once to fail;
Hail to thee our Alma Mater -
Coeur d' Alene all Hail.

CHS Vikings Fight Song

Come on and fight Vikings fight
Come on and fight for colors bright
Come on and fight white and blue
And we will ever cheer for you.

And we will have the best of teams
And we will place our trust in you
Come on and fight Vikings fight
And we will ever cheer for you.

Process Steps

The Planning Committee had monthly meetings up to the July 28 gathering for the Golden Class Reunion.  Those meetings provided an opportunity for discussion and planning ideas for the July 2018 Golden Class Reunion.